Organizer Software

Let’s face it, the more we progress in our personal and professional lives, the more complicated things seem to get. Keeping up with our digital lives can truly be an overwhelming task. Getting a helpful tool for online material is a must, but where can one turn for personal organizer software? has the simple solution to de-clutter your constantly expanding digital library of useful information with a free and customizable alternative to expensive organizer software.

At Clipix, we know that you have a lot of information you need to organize digitally. Not bogging you down with overly complicated, difficult to understand organizer software is what sets us apart from other solutions out there. Sign up for an account and start using the easy and multi-purpose tools Clipix offers and start saving and organizing images, links, articles, notes, and even Word documents and PDFs.

Clipix offers a seamless transition between your devices while keeping all of your information organized and shareable. If you are busy at the office and need to add something to one of your mood boards you created for the kitchen remodel or a way to decorate the baby room, you can sneak in an update while at work, then access it later at your convenience from any of your devices. You can even send a clipboard or item along as a “honey-do” list while on the go with the Clipix mobile app.

Sometimes it is difficult to weed through all of the apps and other personal organizer software options available to find one that works efficiently and effectively. offers a solution that’s easy even for not-so tech savvy people. With one click of our easy “Save It” button, you can experience how Clipix will help you improve your digital libraries of information with clipboards, multiboards, and Syncboards. Get started with our organizer software today.