Save Online Videos

Do you find yourself scanning the internet in your spare time looking at online videos? Day dreaming at the office again and your boss catches you looking at videos online at your desk? Many times we want to save online videos so we can view them later (and at less awkward times), but we don’t have a great way to do it. With Clipix, it is easy to save online videos and organize them on customized clipboards.

When you are watching online videos and you either want to share them with friends or continue watching it a later time, you won’t have to worry about forgetting the website or the title of the video; Clipix will store all of the information for you. Save videos on one of your clipboards or multiboards that you can access whenever you want to, from wherever you are.

Another great feature of Clipix includes the ability to easily share an item you’ve saved or even create a collaborative Syncboard with another person or a group of people. Then, when you watch a video you know your spouse or friend would love to see, you can just save it onto a shared Syncboard so he or she can watch it whenever they want.

Or perhaps someone shared a video with you via text message and you would rather watch it on your computer when you get home so you can make out the details. No worries, save online videos to a clipboard using your Clipix app, then later access your account from the web on your personal computer so you can see every detail on your HD monitor.

There are so many things to keep track of in today’s world, and so many things you don’t want to miss out on. Don’t let your online information get disorganized. Save online videos and other important information using your account at