Teaching Tools

Teachers are always looking for ways to make education easier, more interactive, and more fulfilling. The right teaching tools can come in a variety of forms, and show up in the most unique places. With Clipix, you can easily keep track of teaching tools you find online and access them from anywhere.

Once you sign up for an account, simply install the Clipix web extension and the “Save It” button, and you have access to a seamless organizational system of customized clipboards that you can organize any way you want.

Maybe you have a collection of teaching tools you like for your morning classes, and a separate collection for your afternoon or evening classes. Put them on their own multiboards: collections of clipboards that you can keep together according to your own theme. Or, if you teach collaboratively, create Syncboards that are easy to share with colleagues.

Many teachers find teaching tools in all aspects of their lives, even when they’re not at school. With Clipix, it’s easy to write lesson plans and find supplements at home, then access them from your office or classroom at school. Or, maybe you want to save pictures and notes from a field trip. Save them to a clipboard and easily share them with your students, other teachers, and parents later.

Good teaching tools feature a seamless transition between devices, which is one of the qualities Clipix is all about. What’s better, is you can store everything with one click.

Having the drive to educate others is imperative to being a good educator. Having the right teaching tools to effectively do the job is a priceless commodity not shared by all those who aspire to be teachers. Let Clipix become one of your most prized teaching tools and help improve your skills set and make your life easier.