Web Clipper

Surfing the web can unlock a wealth of information — information that, to the unequipped person, can be daunting to manage. The answer to this problem is the easy-to-use web clipper called Clipix, a sleek and chic organizational tool that is fun to use and easy to install.

You know what it’s like to vaguely remember something you saw on a website last week—or was it last month?—then try to recall it in conversation. Something you would have loved to bookmark or jot down in some way, but you just didn’t have the proper tool.

With Clipix, you can create an account, and save information you want to remember on elegant clipboards and multiboards. You can even turn them into Syncboards to share with your friends.

The Clipix web clipper tool extracts information from the web or files on your computer without interrupting your train of thought. Whether you want to bookmark websites, save images, share files, the Clipix web clipper is an easy way to do it. In addition, the Clipix browser extension allows you to add offline items to your clipboards as well, without interrupting the flow of your work. Then, save the image or document on a clipboard, tag it, write a note, and continue what you were doing.

With a Clipix account and its amazing browser extension, you will keep your information organized and without all the unwanted or cryptic information that results from simply bookmarking a website or writing down a link. Clipix.com has the web clipper you need to keep all of your digital assets in one place. Now, when you find an amazing recipe you want to save for later or if you want to bookmark a new pair of running shoes, your web clipper makes saving that information seamless in one easy-to-access account.