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Shopping for clubs? Planning a trip? Clipix might be for you

For those who find something of interest on the Internet, but forget to bookmark the site, or perhaps end up with a cluttered bookmark bar, this might be for them: Clipix.

Clipix Wants To Be A Pinterest For The Real World

Does the world really need another visual bookmarking service? After all, we already have Pinterest and all of its clones. Clipix, however, believes that it has found a way to differentiate itself from the competition.

Travel App Clipix Keeps Travelers Organized

The free tool keeps travel plans clipped to a virtual clipboard

Clipix: The Tool That Will Organize Your Life Like A Ninja

Did you know that ninjas can run 100 miles on their hands, they can secretly live in your house for days, and they can dodge bullets? Only a ninja can kill a ninja, which makes humans completely useless. I’m sure a ninja invented the Internet. If you want to become a ninja, you have to train 20 hours a day for years.