Join the team that is fundamentally changing the way we organize our lives online.

Since launch clipix has spread like wildfire and is growing at an unbelievable pace. That means we're ready to expand the team that makes it all happen!

If you're like us you:

Iterate quickly: you believe that things move quickly and that staying ahead of the curve is the name of the game.

Turn on a dime: you know that you've got to be able to change course quickly without too much nostalgia for your last bit of great (probably awesome) work.

Think outside the box: you're sure that to WOW people you've got to delight them in ways that they never imagined.

Aren't afraid to invent a thing or two: you thrive in a creative atmosphere and have the guts to try some crazy things every once in a while.

Truly believe in the work you do: we can only work as hard as we do because we believe that clipix is fundamentally improving the way people are organizing their lives online. You should too.

Our team works under one roof out of our awesome office in Fort Lee, NJ, just a minute from NYC and we're looking for the following professionals:

Software Engineer - Developer
This position calls for a hands-on, multi tasker with very strong programming skills and a desire to create new, unchartered functionality in our industry together with a dedicated team of programmers.


You must have the following skills:

Languages: C#, ASP.NET, HTML, SQL
Script Programming: JavaScript, JQuery, JQuery Mobile
Environment: Windows Server, Visual Studio, .NET framework 3.5 - 4.5
Software: SQL Server, Team Foundation Server
Other Concepts: SOAP, REST Services, AJAX, COM, WCF, Cloud Computing

Local Candidates preferred
Visa sponsorship available

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Front End Developer
Clipix is renowned for its clean and simple content-focused interface. You'll be responsible for working closely with both our designers and developers to push the boundaries and take it to the next level. You have a very strong knowledge of HTML5, HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery and have tried and succeeded in implementing some amazing experiences. You're passionate about the user experience and believe that it's all in the details. You're not satisfied until your product looks amazing and runs perfectly.

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Data Mining Developer and SEO expert
Find and be found; that's the name of the game. People are adding tons of clips every second and creating a huge database of the things they love. Your job is to enable others to find those great things, regardless of where on the web they start from, and help us make sense of the torrent of information coming our way. Not only are you a data-gathering expert, but you know how to present complex information in a way that regular humans can understand. Your love of data is only paralleled by your love for what you can do with it next.
Requirements: general programming proficiency, passion for data, professional in search engines and search in general. Strong Database and analytical skills. SQL Server, Server Reporting Services. HTML, CSS.

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Brand Manager - Marketing
We're looking for a highly creative marketing expert to help us spread the word. We're pretty sure people have already seen enough banner ads and pop-ups; we're looking to creatively get people's attention and fan the clipix flames to start a wildfire. We're talking viral here. The right candidate is creative, unconventional and knows what it takes to make one great little idea explode into something huge.

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Clipix button for websites - Marketing
We can think of about a million sites that would benefit tremendously from having the clipix button for websites on their pages. You're selling a product that is not only free but extremely desirable. The clipix button is one of the best tools for introducing people to our product and works to the benefit of both the user and the hosting site. Users get an amazing tool that will help them save everything they see online and want to come back to and sites significantly increase the likelihood that people will revisit and share their products and content.
You believe in your product and take deep satisfaction in seeing it succeed. You know how to pitch your product and have no hesitation doing what it takes to talk to anyone and everyone. You're organized, methodical and very professional. You have a way with people and the courage and humility to talk to both the biggest sites and the smallest mom and pop shops.
Note: this isn't a commissioned position.

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Awesome at something not listed above? Let us know!